About Me

About Me

Hi! Welcome to The Client’s Agency.  Our goal of this website is to provide you with answers to some of the most common questions about insurance. Let’s face it, no one likes to pay their insurance premiums. But having a full understanding behind insurance can give you an appreciation for its true value.

I personally work mainly with Property Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance and Business Insurance. Having said that, I will also help in the areas of Health Insurance, although my agency doesn’t specialize in that area but we do know the in’s and outs of the product.

With that said, let me tell you a bit about myself…

My Story

To be 100% honest with you, I never in a million years imagined I would become an insurance agent! Crazy, I know. But as my career evolved and my experience in the financial and insurance industry developed, opportunities presented themselves to me and I grew to love the idea of defensive financial planning, or insurance planning.

Looking back at my life’s history, it makes sense now, and now I see how insurance fits my characteristics and traits.

I grew up playing sports since a little boy all the way up through high school. I became very involved in soccer, and went on to win a State Championship in Utah, and played for the Utah Olympic Developement Program soccer team representing the state of Utah for my age group.

What position did I play? You guessed it, I played defense! After all, they say “Defense Wins Championships!” (see how it kinda makes sense for me ending up in insurance now?) Later on I got ready for college and was offered a scholarship to a great school, but being young and naive I turned it down cause the girl I dated in high school went to a different school. Turns out she ended up dumping me and got married within a year of college!

You may laugh now, but back then I was a devastated young college student who also missed out on a great opportunity to play soccer in college! I laugh at it historically now.

I am now happily married with the absolute perfect wife, a wild dog (Border Collie Labrador mix) named Tucker, and a little baby boy.

Back to my career and experience, I started out in banking for many years for a major bank. I was a top selling banker and was offered a position to become a Brokerage Associate to a financial adviser. This entailed I obtain my investment security licenses (they should give a PhD for those, the hardest tests I ever took! But I passed first try on all of them thankfully!).

Working in that capacity for a while, I saw no future growth for that position seeing that no Financial Adviser positions opened up any time soon. I moved on to start my own business as a providing financial planning services.  My specialty was in retirement planning and life insurance planning, as well as basic investment strategy and council.

I grew to love the life insurance product and enjoyed the time working with families to protect their most important asset, namely their family! As my career progressed, I was approached by multiple insurance companies in Home, Auto and Life insurance.  As I met with different companies and agencies, I took the role of opening up my own insurance agency specializing in home, auto, life and commercial insurance products.

So there you have it, that’s my career and experience in a nutshell! I am well qualified for what I do, and will ensure that if I don’t have an answer to your question, I know someone who does or I will learn it myself and make sure you are well aware of your insurance plans and needs.

Why I Want To Help People With Insurance

There are so many large insurance companies, and independent broker companies out there. The insurance industry has become such a transactional industry that people now days don’t even know what their coverages are, let alone what coverages they need! It blows my mind!

I get new clients coming in all the time without any knowledge of what each coverage means on their policies! Not to mention the risks that many small business owners are exposed to that they hadn’t even thought about.

I want to help you and everyone know and understand your insurance coverages inside and out. Although it may not be a fun topic to discuss, it is VERY important that you are aware of what is covered and what isn’t.  The benefits of knowing what your coverages mean may just save your life one day.

What happens is some insurance agent does a quick policy for a family, and just adds the basic coverages because the family is in a hurry. Weeks later that family has a large loss that is way out of their financial ability, to come to find that their current policy doesn’t even cover that specific loss! Imagine how frustrating that would be?

I’m here to help you develop a defensive planning strategy through customizing an insurance policy for you and your family. That, is my ultimate goal. The more I can help, the better and more satisfied I feel about my work.

The Goal Of The Client’s Agency

If I can be the answer to any and all of your insurance based questions, I will have reached my goal for this website. I’m not here to sell you a policy (although if you’d like to discuss one I’m more then happy to), but rather be a resource to you in understanding basic insurance concepts.

Finally, I’m Sure You’re Wondering…

Well, you probably didn’t wonder why I call this website “The Client’s Agency”, but if you did, here is why. I came up with the name to show you what we’re all about, and that is THE CLIENT. We are interested in helping you out, and ensuring you are properly taken care of. Thus, The Client’s Agency | Your Needs, Not Ours.

I’ve got to be careful with that motto though, I’ve messed up before accidentally and said “Our Needs, Not Yours” hahaha!
Of course I didn’t mean that, but it can be a tongue twister.

Rest assured we are not interested in helping ourselves out, but in helping you out.

Please post your comments or questions on the blog, and I will be sure to get you the answer quickly!

All the best,

Cameron (The Client’s Agent)


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